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Holiday Gifting Ideas

2015 is going to be a slimmer Christmas gift giving year since I am moving into a house and will have a lot of upcoming expenses. Simply considering the forthcoming holiday set my mind to thinking about gifting and how it is a bit curious that we spend so much energy on it, when we really just want our friends and family to know that we think about them, we love them, and we appreciate them. So that’s what my focus will be for 2015; finding ways to express my gratitude for friendship and camaraderie.

I believe that when you give a gift that is very personal, there’s more meaning for the recipient. That’s pretty obvious, but I am hoping to find things that are touching and surprising, but won’t drain my checkbook. In Austin, one of my favorite stores to purchase interesting personal gifts is Anthropologie, an upscale variety store (heavy on women’s items). The merchandise is well priced, they carry very unique merchandise, their gift packaging is exquisite, and people appreciate items from that store. There are two locations in Austin, downtown in the 6th/Lamar district and also in the Domain, near the Apple store. (online as well)

Happy Hunting!


Alternatively, consider offering a donation to an organization that your friend or family member is very invested in, whether it be in financial support or simply volunteering with the organization. It conveys to your friend that you care about what they care about.

Scott Ballew has lived in and around Austin for more than 25 years. Professionally, Scott works in technology and publishing while his personal life is focused on supporting the arts and charitable fundraising.