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Holiday Boy Toys

Gift buying for men can be a challenge, but if you just use a little creative thinking, it is actually pretty damned easy.

Here are 10 things I’d suggest as being a little left of center:

  1. Collapsable umbrellas (you always need one in a briefcase – or the car – or the desk)
  2. Car wash vouchers (most all men like a clean car, but hate to do it)
  3. Readers (it is nice to have a few sets of 1.50X laying around to magnify stuff – Amazon has 6 packs for cheap)
  4. Fancy shaving stuff (a luxurious shave just makes a man feel really special)
  5. Magazine subscriptions (men read while in the men’s room)
  6. Liquor (find a bottle with a story – or make one of your own)
  7. Undergarments (nice underwear or t-shirts – not FOTL, but Andrew Christian)
  8. Meat (a steak delivery via mail order)
  9. A Yeti cooler (they’re just bad-ass)
  10. Technology, particularly related to music (bluetooth speakers, usb turntable, headphones, car chargers)

Happy shopping!

Scott Ballew has lived in and around Austin for more than 25 years. Professionally, Scott works in technology and publishing while his personal life is focused on supporting the arts and charitable fundraising.