Maui Jim Thank You Note

It Never Hurts to Ask

…for help.

I have two pair of Maui Jim sunglasses. I love them! The style, the fit, the lenses – everything about them. However, I didn’t love the scratches. I don’t know if it was a flaw in design or just a care issue, but both sunglasses got marred on the inner lens where the earpiece folded onto itself. So upon wearing them, I would see blurry out of the bottom corners. Well, I decided to give Maui Jim a call and describe my situation. Their custom support was extraordinary. I received return instructions, packed and shipped those babies and in less than two weeks, I had them back; completely repaired for a nominal expense. I can’t say how happy I was with their customer care. So… whenever you think you don’t have an option but to toss out a pair of damaged sunglasses, call the manufacturer. You just might be surprised!

Incidentally, I did the same thing with a set of D&G sunglasses and they are sending replacement lenses for a major scratch in one lens. $20 bucks for shipping and handling – and Lenscrafters will replace them for free. Whoo hoo!

Scott Ballew has lived in and around Austin for more than 25 years. Professionally, Scott works in technology and publishing while his personal life is focused on supporting the arts and charitable fundraising.