• Beautiful 1982 Chrysler Imperial For Sale

    Due to downsizing, I no longer have a garage space to store my 1982 Imperial. Currently it is being stored under a carport with a car cover on it. It’s started and driven regularly to ensure it runs smoothly. Simply stated, the car deserves a better existence and more frequent use. It is a definite head turner and a well-preserved survivor given the history of the 81-83 Imperial line. This car was converted to carburetor by one of the previous two owners, but I do not believe it was a true factory conversion as the dashboard DOES NOT have the asterisk between the ODO and MILES indicator. The asterisk is typically…

  • Electrical Excess

    Many Texans have the ability to choose a power provider and the site that is most well known is powertochoose.org, however, many are unaware of a better option. One the appears to do more of the footwork for you. If you’re in the market for a new provider, try: www.texaspowerguide.com I save 4.5 cents p KwH using the site.

  • Auto-Aficionado

    Car enthusiasts, collectors, and owners are some of the easiest people to buy gifts for. Fifty bucks in the car care section at Auto Zone can go a long way towards a bad-ass gift. Seriously! I’ve given car wash gift certificates as a gift for years, but something that is a great consideration for your other half, parent, or bestie is a full-on car detail. I do not mean the half-assed Genie car wash 1 hour job. I am referring to a craftsman’s detail. Someone who knows about paint detoxification, the cleaning of yellowed headlamp lenses, refurbishing plastics and seals and reconditioning seats. While not inexpensive, a heavy duty refurb…

  • Hintage; a hint of vintage.

    On a whim, I recently bought a Ralph Lauren Polo knit tie at a resale shop and thought I would mix it into an outfit for a holiday party. My twenty-seven dollar investment turned out to be worth so much more in compliments alone! It was unexpected, classy, fun and ended up being quite the conversation starter. It had me thinking about where else I could dig into to find some vintage items. My mother had given me a box of my dad’s jewelry when he passed and I simply put everything into a box and stashed it away. Turns out he had some really great turquoise items and I…

  • Austin Wedding Reception

    I’m so humbled by the turnout for our wedding reception at our Austin home. Graydon and I have never had such a wonderful and eclectic group of guests in our home as we did for this reception. {OMG, keeping a list to 100 people was a huge challenge!} We appreciate all the well-wishes and are looking forward to a wonderful life ahead. Special thanks to David at Forever Young Photography for all the photos.