Desserts and Pastries

  • Hopfields photo

    Hopfields Gastropub in Midtown.

    First and foremost, if you try to find this place coming from the South, don’t listen to your car’s navigation. The restaurant is not anywhere close to where you’re told to go. However, where it tells you to go, park immediately if you can find a spot! Once you’re out of the car, walk to the Northeast corner of the building and you’ll be right where you should be. I loved the bar menu. The cocktails were superb, albeit a tad sweet for me. Our table dined on a variety of entrees; the mussels were excellent, the steak as well and the pasta dish all received high marks. Of course, the…

  • After the Holiday Shopping

    Wine. Weather. Weird. That pretty much sums up Fredericksburg, Texas;  a strange little anomaly in Central Texas. It used to be quaint and loaded with shabby chic stores filled with dead animals turned into furniture, but it in recent years has upped its game, so to speak. One of my ongoing favorite stops is Vaudeville. I have mentioned it before and it is certainly worth investigating. Try the tea room/cafe. Spend an hour or so in the car driving from Austin and enjoy wine tastings, shopping, then eat a German pastry and head back to ATX.    

  • After Dinner Coffee That Impresses

    Blown away. That’s my only comment about Gemelli in East Austin (East 6th and Waller-ish). The hazelnut gelato was scrumptious and the Amaro amazing. I felt like I was in a completely different city. This coffee shop is wonderful! You simply must visit.                 Pour a bit of Amaro in your coffee or sip it solo, either way it is fantastic. I think a gift card would make an excellent stocking stuffer.                    

  • Fredericksburg Revisited

    I had the opportunity to attend a grand birthday party in Fredericksburg and the adventure never let up. The weekend included everything from fabulous dining, to great shopping finds, to gorgeous architecture and landscapes, and a lot of fine wine time. Here are a few of my favorites from the weekend.               Dogologie was one of the most curious pet stores I’ve visited. The inventory range was extraordinary. Best thing…  You can go online and shop!               The art galleries! Be sure to wander down the side streets of Fredericksburg anytime you;re there. I was quite surprised at the…

  • photo of sign

    Sawyer, Where a Menu Means Nothing

    Normally, when I write a review on a restaurant, I approach the experience with an open mind and diplomacy. Surprisingly, I’ve actually had some unfavorable experiences at a number of Austin eateries. I had heard a lot of buzz about Sawyer on East Cesar Chavez and thought, “Let’s make the trek and give it a try!” So I grabbed two friends and headed east. Parking = easy. Seating = easy. Then comes the twilight zone… 1. Drink orders. Scanning the menu, I spotted the daiquiri and asked the server if it was frozen. No quicker than I looked up at her did she say, “Does this look like Bourbon Street…