Great Food. Great People. St. Philip Pizza Parlor + Bakeshop

When you dine out, it is not always about the food, but the experience. What the Uchi crew has done with the old nursery, turned Italian restaurant, turned pizzeria is nothing short of transformative. A beautiful and open space that is surprisingly quiet. From entry through dining and to departure, the experience was quite nice. Clever pizza makings, wine on tap, and a few surprise appetizers made the evening enchanting. Initially, I turned a blind eye to the flash fried cauliflower, but some strong-arming by our waitress, Heather, changed my mind. What a treat! They’re delicious.

A special mention to the smart-thinking management to pass out nibbles to the “waiting on a table” crowd. A simple pretzel to dip in mustard sauce was a great treat to distract me from the wait – which was about 12-15 minutes.

Pricing was fine. We got a little carried away with wine, which pushed the bill for two beyond $70. They sneak in those 1.5 glass pours which go down so easily.

Give them a try! If you have a large party, maybe I can help get you in and taken care of.



P.S. I purchased a pie to take to my family for Christmas. (I’ll keep you posted)
The bake shop was almost magical.