You Got Pretty Lips, Boy.

Ok, comedic allusions behind… {If anything, you can always expect tongue-in-cheek humor from me.} Admittedly, there’s an ego stroking when I hear comments like, “your skin is so clear” or “you really don’t have a lot of wrinkles” – then the stinger – “for someone your age.” { leave me to bleed }

I have always been a bit of a freak when it comes to taking care of my skin, from Clinique skin products as a teenager to far-fetched serums and other curious regiments as an adult. I am 100% in support of photo-facials and dermabrasion techniques to augment the appearance of the skin.

I have a dear friend that worked for L’Oréal in Paris and New York and his sage advice was to moisturize, moisturize, moisturize! I’ve taken that to heart and follow his advice daily.

I found this video message provided by my Dermatologist’s office to sum up skin care quite nicely.  It breaks down skin care into 4 basic categories:

  1. Sunscreen (w/Zinc or Titanium Oxide)
  2. Use a Retinol cream at night
  3. Moisturize using a cream with ceramides
  4. Use an anti-oxidant cream as well

I also visit my Dermatologist annually for a skin check-up, to freeze off any unsightly blemishes and to get a prescription for Retinol; 0.025% is fine for daily use according to my physician.

Always use sunscreen! I have some terrible sun damage from my youth and twenties that if I had known better, I would not have subjected myself to.

An FYI. If you have a photo facial performed and have a lot of redness afterwards, ask the clinic to prescribe Silvadene (topical) to speed up the recovery process. It also helps if you have sun overexposure.


Scott Ballew has lived in and around Austin for more than 25 years. Professionally, Scott works in technology and publishing while his personal life is focused on supporting the arts and charitable fundraising.