Car enthusiasts, collectors, and owners are some of the easiest people to buy gifts for. Fifty bucks in the car care section at Auto Zone can go a long way towards a bad-ass gift. Seriously! I’ve given car wash gift certificates as a gift for years, but something that is a great consideration for your other half, parent, or bestie is a full-on car detail. I do not mean the half-assed Genie car wash 1 hour job. I am referring to a craftsman’s detail. Someone who knows about paint detoxification, the cleaning of yellowed headlamp lenses, refurbishing plastics and seals and reconditioning seats. While not inexpensive, a heavy duty refurb can make an aging car look phenomenal. In the Austin area, I recommend Motoring Concierge. They can make a worn out vehicle look pretty damned good. You can look at their facebook feed to see examples.

Also, if your rims are all scratched from curb rash, they can be reconditioned to look like new in as little as a few hours. Call your car dealer for the inside scoop on who they use internally. Most of the time the body shop or used car manager knows a quality service provider.

Additionally, talk to your local body shop. If you have any scratches that are not so deep that they stop your fingernail when being dragged over it, they can be buffed out with compound. I have done this myself, but I would recommend a professional.

Lastly, if you have dings from doors, hail, or rocks, have them take out by a paintless dent repair specialist. I have used DDS for years. Call and ask for Charlie and tell him I sent you.