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Musically Speaking… Reviewing Rebel Heart

So I am a little cynical when it comes to Madonna’s musical releases as of the last few years. They’ve offered a lot of fun music, tongue-in-cheek lyrics, and were certainly conceived for the dance floor. I’ve just wanted something as fantastic as Ray of Light. Her latest foray into the Pop Music realm is Rebel Heart. I didn’t download the leaked songs, but I heard a number of early mixes on Soundcloud; many I found really good and interesting. What I can say about her latest album to drop is….

1. You get a lot of music for your money! $14.99 in iTunes for 19 songs.
2. The release has a huge range, musically. I’d say there’s something for everybody: light, serious, soft, tender and emotional.
3. She’s bearing a lot of herself in her lyrics, many songs are very introspective. Some are annoyingly too Pop for my tastes, but look who we are talking about.

My personal favorites are: Body Shop, Inside Out, Rebel Heart



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