Freddy’s Place, Trust Displaced?

Freddy’s is a South Austin icon that is known for its easy going atmosphere, SoFi vibe, quick food, live music and outside bar. A family place, certainly. Dogs welcome, I believe. So when my family was passing through, I suggest we grab a bite there for lunch. ¬†I got the short end of the stick as everyone raved about their meal. I had the lunch portion of Green Chile Pepper Mac & Cheese and a Bloody Mary. The mac and cheese was served lukewarm and the bloody mary so salty I could barely drink it. Sans 1000 mg of salt, it would have been fine. ¬†Everyone else had sandwiches or salads and all said their meals were great. Maybe it was a one-off day for me. I was just expecting my food to be hotter and cocktail more flavorful. The service was top notch, a guy named “Stoner,” I kid you not.