An Old Fashioned Taste Off

I’ve started to enjoy the taste of an Old Fashioned. While never a whisky or bourbon drinker, I suddenly find myself really liking the taste of them. So I thought it would be fun to go out for a taste comparison. I grabbed a buddy and headed to two of Austin’s hot spots, LaV and Lonesome Dove. LaV won hands down on presentation and taste. The solid ice ball helped cool the cocktail, but didn’t water it down. The Lonesome Dove version was very cold, but the cubed and broken ice melted and diluted the drink too much. Both were equal on price point, just slightly shy of $13.00 each. LaV’s bartender chose his favorite Rye and the Lonesome Dove bartender took our request for Bulleit.

It was a fun way to hit a couple of local hot spots and have an interesting time doing it.


11/1 Update: Eddie V’s makes a nice Old Fashioned as well, Ask for Gary in the bar. He knows what he’s doing.