Maintain, Don’t Change!

Men are funny about admitting they’re self-conscious about aging. Some just tell it like it is and wear their wrinkles with a smile and others are a bit more reserved and try to stave off aging. The reality is, no one can escape aging; but you can do things to maintain or improve your looks.

I was waiting for a haircut when I happened upon this article in Esquire magazine. Model Nick Wooster talks candidly about his problem chin and what he did about it. I’ve considered Kybella, but just haven’t taken the time to talk with a certified provider. If you check into it, you’ll discover that it is a chemical substance found in bile; which makes the thought of injecting it into your skin a bit unsettling


Scott Ballew, a long-time Austin resident who now lives in Texas' Rio Grande Valley. Scott works in publishing and his personal life is focused on supporting arts and charitable fundraising.