• Perfect Fit

    You’ve heard the expression, “Clothes make the man.” Well, my take on it is, “Clothes that fit make the man.” Baggy shirts were big in the 80’s and 90’s (remember Bd Baggy?), but today’s look is tailored and finished. Even larger men can benefit form a well tailored shirt. If you buy off the rack, find a tailor. I have a great list of them that I’ve collected over the years. If you buy custom clothes, or want to give that a try, consider Colleen Bradley at Hilburn. No need to look like a slob, when you can easily look your best.

  • photo of blazer

    What’s In Your Closet?

    For slimmer men, men’s shopping is basically a pain in the rear. The cuts are wrong, the legs are too wide, and if you find something that fits, the colors or fabrics suck. I’m sure if I spent some time online, I could find things I like. Recently, a facebook friend was making the same complaint and one of his friends recommended Belk. Much to my surprise there is a Belk store near New Braunsfels. So, of course, I hopped into the car and drove to it. When you arrive, the store looks like a fancy plumbing fixture store, certainly not the entrance I expected for a retail clothing shop,…

  • Heart of Fashion, Houston (Recap and Photos)

    I had the pleasure of attending Heart of Fashion, a Vivian Wise Production, in Houston, Texas earlier this week. Vivian and her staff did an incredible job creating quite the atmosphere in an airport hangar. The collections I viewed during Wednesday’s fashion show were beautifully executed articles of clothing and the presentation first-rate. I should have had a snack before attending as the cocktails were flowing!  Quite the night, indeed. It concluded with a delightful group at the St. Regis Hotel.

  • Topman blazer

    Topman. Bottom Line.

    Dressing well can be expensive, so it is a blessing when there’s a manufacturer that produces a fashionable product at a great price point. One of my favorite finds is Topman, a line of men’s clothing available online and locally at Nordstrom. Topman fits a slimmer build very well, but know that the sizes run small so you’ll likely need to purchase a size or two larger than you typically buy, particularly if purchasing the “skinny” line of clothes. I’ve found Topman clothing holds up to dry cleaning, the fit stays true, and the fashion can last a season or two, easily. Another alternative for fashionable finds at a lower price point…

  • Fredericksburg Revisited

    I had the opportunity to attend a grand birthday party in Fredericksburg and the adventure never let up. The weekend included everything from fabulous dining, to great shopping finds, to gorgeous architecture and landscapes, and a lot of fine wine time. Here are a few of my favorites from the weekend.               Dogologie was one of the most curious pet stores I’ve visited. The inventory range was extraordinary. Best thing…  You can go online and shop!               The art galleries! Be sure to wander down the side streets of Fredericksburg anytime you;re there. I was quite surprised at the…