A Changing SOLA: Welcome “EL Burro”

Bwahhaaaa… the place is already closed and gone.  Awaiting the next iteration.



Last month, South Lamar (SOLA) lost a 15+/- year old dining establishment. A a “cheap and cheerful” go-to spot called La Feria. It wasn’t expensive, it certainly had character, however, it was not a hopping place. The neighborhood was sad to see it go.

So out with the old and in with the new. Venture a few blocks up the street and you’ll find El Burro, a sister restaurant to Vox Table. Being a resident in the hood, I had to give it a whirl, of course. The place is cute, has a great bar serving super-effective margaritas and the menu is what I would call “upscale Mexican.” The menu is limited in scope, but there’s certainly plenty of items to choose from. Our waiter was exceptionally well-engaged with our table, and most notably, he took the time to explain the menu, options and dining concept. It was certainly more costly than you’d expect to pay for a typical Mexican dinner, but this is Lamar Union after all and I am sure they are being placed over a barrel paying for rent. It’s obvious that the Italian restaurant, Cantine, located across the street from El Burro struggles to bring in guests and I hope the same fate is not shared with El Burro. It is worth a visit and know that you’ll get a delicious and stiff margarita from the bartender. My meal was really quite delicious. It isn’t TexMex, but it isn’t Fonda San Miguel either; it’s something in between.


Photo of food
Gorditas, reinterpreted.

Scott Ballew, a former Austin resident who now lives in Texas' Rio Grande Valley. Scott works in publishing and his personal life is focused on supporting arts, charitable fundraising, spending time on the beach and with friends.